Dancing Solo

Program for Clarinet and multimedia

This program is based on the corresponding clarinet work of the american composer and grammy-winner Libby Larsen, one of the most performed living composers in the US.

The clarinettist, Pamela Coats, blends within the 4 main themes of „Dancing Solo“ works of european composers. The elegant bridge between her american roots and her european home includes not only the original themes „with shadows“, „eight to the bar“, „in ten slow circles“ and „flat out“, but also dances from J.S. Bach, a homage on Manuel De Falla as well as character pieces such as Syrinx from C. Debussy and „Stimmungen eines Fauns/Moods of a Faun“ from Ilse Fromm-Michaels.

This musical experience is accompanied by photography taken by Ms. Coats which depict motifs from various artists and eras from ancient rome through today.

Art for the senses!

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