Clarinet-Klavier Duo
Coats, Stefanescu

Program: Paris, my love

„There I stand on the bridge in the heart of Paris,
our home.
There the water flows, there you dwell, and I fling my heart into the river
and immerse myself in you and love you.“

- Kurt Tucholsky „Ein Pyrenäenbuch“, Berlin 1927 - 



From the end of the 19th century through today, Paris has been named the „Capital of the Arts“. For many composers „the city of lights“ was not only a place of creative exchange and inspiration but also a place of adventurous „Joie de vivre“.

In the program, „Paris, my love“, the clarinet-piano duo Coats-Stefanescu presents composers, that in their time, had their finger on the pulse of innovation and development of culture and music in France as well as Europe.

A Program of thrilling, melancholic and sensuous chamber music, solo works, and text from the „city of the arts and love,, will delight and enchant all audiences.

Program: Paris, my love

C. Saint - Saens Sonate (1921) 

F. Poulenc Sonate (1962) 

G. Tailleferre Arabesque 

C. Debussy Premier Rhapsodie (1909/1910) 

D. Milhaud Sonatine (1927) 

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